Cevre Peyzaj was founded by E. Dİlşen Kara in 1993 aiming to produce contemporary and sustainable landscape projects that combine creative instinct with science, that are sensitive to human life and environment, protect socio-cultural and local values, and also follow the current.

Since its establishment, our company has carried out many different types of projects in Turkey and abroad, such as shopping and living centers, hospitals, hotels, state institutions, city parks, sites and mass housing, factories and business centers, gas stations, private villa gardens. It has successfully implemented landscaping, planning, landscaping, restoration and urban design projects.

Çevre Peyzaj sets off from a rich material accumulation that combines natural materials with technology in a multiple production environment. With its conscious and experienced, expert staff, it produces projects at high standards with the principle of satisfied customers.

Our company has proven and crowned its experience in its field with many different awards it has received so far.

Our Design Philosophy

Çevre Peyzaj is passionately committed to the spaces it creates with an intuitive and analytical design process inspired by nature. Our basic mission is to meet our clients’ expectations through creative ideas. While we are doing this, we present solutions that take into account the living spaces, sustainability and the need for function, and that constantly increase the value of the property. Regardless of the size of the project, our main goal is to create energetic and permanent spaces where people live and work.